3 Ways Karaoke Makes you a Better Singer

Are you wondering if all those karaoke performances you’ve put in can actually make you a better singer? Well you’re in luck! 

Karaoke is actually great for improving your singing ability. It helps you to practice, and we all know that practice makes perfect. It’ll also give you the opportunity to improve your confidence which will help you become a better performance. Plus it’ll allow you to get some really valuable feedback so you can improve next time. 

3 Ways Karaoke Improves your Singing 

  1. Practising improves your vocal ability
  2. Performing will increase your confidence and stage-presence
  3. It gives you the opportunity to get valuable feedback to improve

Practice Makes Perfect

We all know how the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Well, this is especially true for singing. Yes, a huge part of singing ability is natural talent. This is because they have certain genetics which gives them a better anatomy for singing. But it’s also true that the more you sing, the better you get. If you want to learn more about the debate over whether singing is natural talent or can be learnt, then head over to our post called, can anyone learn to sing?

So how exactly does practising karaoke improve your singing? Well, even professional singers need to practise their singing to be able to get better. So when amateurs perform karaoke, it’s a similar idea. The more you do anything, it’s likely that you’ll get better. However, there’s a catch.

You will only improve at singing karaoke if you practise the proper techniques. Simply shouting your way through a song after a few pints will actually do more harm than good to your singing voice. Whenever you are practising your singing, you need to do it properly and be conscious of your voice and the notes you are producing to be able to improve. Here are some things to keep in mind to be able to sing with the best technique to get better.

Use Proper Technique
  • Stand up straight with your shoulders back and the weight of your body slightly resting on the balls of your feet.
  • Sing from your diagphram and not your throat. If you feel strained at any point when singing, then take a break. If you push to hard  repeatedly then you can permanently damage your voice. 
  • Squeeze the microphone when you are pushing up to higher notes. It’ll help you breathe deeper and expand your ribcage. 
If you’re looking for some more advice to improve your singing, then head over to our post on the 5 ways to improve your vocal ability today

Increases Confidence

One of the best ways that karaoke improves your singing ability, is by improving your confidence. The best singers are the ones who are confident. They aren’t afraid of the microphone, or of challenging voice and they attack them. Being timid will only make you come across as an amateur and makes people think you can’t sing as well as you probably can. 

It can be really hard to perform in front of other people, if you’re lacking confidence. That’s why karaoke is so great. The relaxed and informal atmosphere makes it a lot more easy to get up and perform because it makes you feel so much more comfortable. Karaoke also gives you the opportunity to perform in groups or duets. This is a good way to get started with karaoke if you don’t feel confident performing on your own. 

Some of the best singers that you’ll remember, like Freddie Mercury and Whitney Houston, were also great performers. And that is a lot of what karaoke is about. Sometimes a better performance by a singer with a lesser vocal ability, will outshine a great singer that lacks stage presence. Here are some of the best ways to be a better performer when you sing karaoke. 

Confidence is the Key to a Good Performance 
  • Dance if you’ve chosen an upbeat song. It doesn’t have to be choreographed or rehearsed. Just don’t stay in one place and try and move around the stage. 
  • Keep smiling! If you look like you’re enjoying your performance, then the audience are a lot more likely to as well. 
  • Avoid looking at the screen. Make sure you choose a song that you know all the words to. Constantly looking at the lyrics won’t help your stage-presence. 

Taking on Feedback

The final way that karaoke improves your singing, is by giving you the opportunity to take on some feedback about your performance. You can only get so far in improving your singing alone. So if you’re serious about improving, then it’s a great idea to take on advice from other people to help point out areas you can work on that you didn’t even realise.

Some karaoke venues are better about giving out feedback than others. If it’s a one-off karaoke night at your local, then it’s unlikely that you’re going to get any constructive feedback to work on. But some venues have regular karaoke nights and have built up a bit of a community. 

Being part of one of these karaoke clubs gives you the opportunity to get feedback from other members to help you work on your singing. They may be able to suggest tweaks you can make to your technique to get the best out of your voice. They can also give you some pointers on your performance and stage-presence, or even on the best songs to choose. 

An even better way to get feedback on your singing to help you improve at karaoke, is to enter a competition. There may be some local ones that are held pretty often, or they may be quite few and far between in your area. But if you spot a karaoke contest coming up, then it’s a great idea to enter. It’s usually a more serious event, but still pretty relaxed so don’t worry! But you’ll be able to get some feedback on your singing from the judges which can go a long way to helping you improve. 

More Karaoke Tips

So now you know the 3 ways that karaoke can actually improve your singing, you’re probably keen to get into it a bit more! Here are some of the best karaoke tips that you should try.

Choose the Perfect Song

There’s a lot that goes into choosing a great karaoke song. You need to pick something that you enjoy and can get into, but also something that will resonate with the audience. You’ll also need to select a song that fits within your vocal range and is suitable for your voice, but not too easy that it won’t impress people. We’ve created a 5-step guide to choosing the perfect karaoke song, so head over if you want some more tips. You can also head over to the 250+ best karaoke songs for loads of inspiration!

Improve your Vocals

So we’ve already said that karaoke does improve your vocals, but there are many other ways to improve your singing at home. These range from warm ups and vocal exercises, to proper breathing technique and stance. If you want some tips for improving your vocals, then head over to our list of the 5 best ways to improve your singing today

Be a Performer 

Karaoke isn’t just about singing, it’s also about putting in a great performers. Most karaoke singers are the most naturally talented, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still entertain the audience. Remember to pick a song that you like and can get into, and be confident! You don’t have to be the best singer in the world to be good at karaoke!

So there you go! Those are the 3 ways that karaoke can make you a better singer. Thanks for reading. Here are some other posts that you might find useful:

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