5 Karaoke Machines that Come With Songs Included

If you’re looking for a karaoke machine that comes with songs included, then you’ve come to the right place. Most karaoke machines that comes with songs, also come with lots of other premium features, but they also usually come with a high price tag. But his list of 5 karaoke machines that include songs, has something for every budget. So let’s jump into the reviews!

Best Karaoke Machines with Free Songs Included 
  • Karaoke USA GF845
  • Magic Sing ET23-Pro
  • Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus
  • HDKaraoke HDK Box 2.0
  • Singing Machine ISM1030BT

Karaoke Machine

Number of Songs


Karaoke USA GF845



Magic Sing ET23 Pro



Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus



HDKaraoke HDK Box 2.0



Singing Machine ISM1030BT

10 (plus 5 more every month)


1. Karaoke USA GF845

  • The Karaoke USA GF845 has pretty much everything you could ever want for an at-home karaoke machine for both kids and adults. The all-in-one design comes with a built-in 7 inch colour screen, 2 microphones and a speaker.
  • There’s a couple of ways you can use it too. You can connect it to a smart device like a mobile or tablet and play the backing track and video using YouTube or a karaoke app. You can use classic CD+G disks using the CD player. Or you can even use karaoke DVDs.

  • The machine can also be connected to a TV with the cables that come included if you want to use a larger screen than the built-in one.

  • It’s instrumental compatibility is outstanding and allows you to play backing song audio via pretty much any way possible including bluetooth, DVD, CD+G and MP3+G giving you loads of options. 
  • The Karaoke USA GF845 has some great audio enhancement features including base and treble tone controls and echo effects. It event allows you to record your voice using USB and SD cards.
                                                Karaoke USA GF920 on Amazon

2. Magic Sing ET23 Pro

  • The Magic Sing ET23Pro is where things start getting serious. With this karaoke machine, you’ll get two wireless microphones and access to 10,000 songs! There are also several languages available with songs in English, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Russian and more.
  • This karaoke machine allows you to search songs by typing the title or artist, and there’s also speech recognition available. 
  • This is a premium model, so it’s quite pricey but you will get some great extra features included like regular updates to the device. 
  • The best feature of this karaoke machine though, is it’s scoring system that’s built-in. It’s perfect for parties and small contests.
  • It’s also fully customisable with options to change the key, tempo, volume, melody and echo of the songs. 
  • You simply connect this machine to your TV and get started!

                                       Find the Magic Sing on Amazon

3. Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus

  • The Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus is the most premium option on this list of karaoke machines that come with songs, but it’s packed full of amazing features. 
  • First, it comes with a very intelligent scoring system. After each performance you’ll get a 4-point score showing your key/rhythm, vibrato, upband and downband scores individually. You can also create an account for each singer so their scores can be saved individually. This is a great feature for karaoke contests at home and for parties. 
  • It’s simple and easy to operate and works by connecting to your smart phone and TV. You then use your smartphone as the remote control. And it’ll give you access to all the songs that come included.
  • Speaking of songs, you’ll get loads of different languages to choose. 
  • This song comes with thousands of songs built-in, but with access to the app, you can get over 10,000 songs to sing along to.
  • It also works as a media player and allows you to play music and movies as well as karaoke. 

                 Find the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus on Amazon

4. HDKaraoke HDK Box 2.0

  • The HD Karaoke HDK Box 2.0 is a brilliant option if you want loads of songs included but don’t want to pay as much as the Grand Videoke or Magic Sing models. 
  • It’s super easy to operate and works by connecting to your smart phone or tablet which allows you to search through the library of over 7,000 songs. Then you connect to the TV and internet. 
  • You can adjust the songs to suit 7 different keys and you’ll also be able to control the echo and volume of the backing track and microphone. 
  • You don’t just have to include the songs that come included either. You can also use the app to search the MP3+G files on your smart device too. 
  • The recording and sharing feature allows you to save your performances to USB and then upload them to your social media accounts. 
  • The small and compact design is perfect for taking to parties and includes two microphones. 

Find the HDKaraoke HDK Box 2.0 on Amazon 

5. Singing Machine ISM1030BT

  • This fantastic all-in-one design comes with everything you need to get started including 2 wired microphones, speakers, screen to display the lyrics and stand. 
  • You can get started by pairing your smart device using the built-in bluetooth and use a karaoke app or YouTube to get start playing. 
  • This machine is compatible with the Singing Machine apps, which gives you 10 free songs to start with, and then 5 new ones every month. You can subscribe to the premium version for $13.49 per month which will give you access to 12,000 songs. 
  • You also get a vocal recording function which can be saved to USB, perfect for performers looking to share their singing. 
  • The smart design fits neatly into any small space and can be connected to a TV via the HDMI cable that comes included if you want to hook the screen up to the venues TV. 

                      Find the Singing Machine ISM1030BT on Amazon 

How else can you get Free Songs?

If you don’t want to pay for CD+G disks, or subscribe to a karaoke app, but also don’t want to pay for a karaoke machine that has songs included, what should you do? Well, if this is what you’re after, then there are a few different options you can try. 


Most modern karaoke machines work by connecting to your smart device like a tablet or phone, to play the instrumental backing track and lyric video. This means that you can use YouTube to play karaoke. 

There are plenty of tracks available on there, all you have to do is search for an instrumental, or karaoke version of your favourite song, connect your karaoke machine and hit play! The best part, is that all the songs on there are free. Head over to our post on how to set up karaoke using YouTube for more information. 

Did you know that you can also use a Spotify premium account to play karaoke? It’s a little more complicated than using YouTube, and you’ll also need to download another app called MusixMatch, but it’s a similar method. You just connect your smart device to the karaoke machine and then use the screen as the lyric video. It’s a great way to access high quality karaoke tracks. Check out our post on how to set up karaoke using Spotify for more information. 

Make your Own Karaoke Tracks 

If you’re only using your karaoke machine for personal use, then you can actually make karaoke tracks free and without violating licensing laws on your own. It’s a good option if you’re struggling to find the song you want to sing on YouTube or Spotify It’s not actually that complicated either. It does take a bit of time though. If you’re interested in making your own karaoke tracks, then take a look at our complete guide to making karaoke tracks and videos.  



So there you go! Those are the 5 best karaoke machines that come with free songs. Thanks for reading. Here are some other posts that you might find useful:

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