8 Best Karaoke Machines for Low Budgets


Are you looking for the ultimate karaoke system packed full of features at an affordable price? Here are the top 8 budget karaoke machines that won’t break a budget. We’ll compare them head-to-head to help you make the perfect choice and then jump into some more in depth review. Let’s get started!

Best Low Budget Karaoke Machines
  1. Singing Machine SML650 (Amazon link)
  2. Signing Machine SML682 (Amazon link)
  3. AKAI KS213 (Amazon link)
  4. ION Party Rocker Express (Amazon link)
  5. BlueFire Wireless Karaoke Microphone (Amazon link)
  6. EARISE T26 (Amazon link)
  7. BONAOK Wireless Karaoke Microphone (Amazon link)
  8. ANKUKA Wireless Karaoke Microphone (Amazon link)

top pick: Singing machine sml650 


Great vocal enhancement effects

Colourful party lights

Lightweight and portable 

Here are the top 8 budget karaoke machines


Power Source

Audio Effects

Party Lights

CDG Compatible

Singing Machine SML650

Standard Batteries


Singing Machine SML682



Standard Batteries


ION Party Rocker Express

Standard Batteries



BlueFire Wireless Microphone

Rechargeable battery




Rechargable battery




BONAOK Wireless Microphone

Rechargeable battery




ANKUKA Wireless Microphone

Rechargeable battery




1. Singing Machine SML650

  • The Singing Machine SML650W karaoke machine is one of the best value for money options available today. Singing Machine is a well-know trusted brand and has really excelled to produce such a quality design at a very affordable device.
  • You can connect to smart devices such as tablets and phones to play the instrumental audio via subscription apps or YouTube using bluetooth. 
  • You can also hook it up to your TV using the RCA cables included. 
  • It’s packed with premium features such as party lights and voice effects including echo, robot and radio.
  • It comes with one microphone, but you can hook two up for duets. 
  • It’s small, lightweight and battery-powered so great for taking to parties. 

2. Singing Machine SML682

  • This karaoke machine has some great additional features including party lights and enhanced vocal effects at an affordable price.
  • You’ll also get a really cool voice recording feature so you can share your performances. 
  • You can get started by connecting your smart device like a laptop, phone or tablet via the AUX input or bluetooth. You can then use the smart device screen for the lyric video and the audio will play using the built-in speaker so you can play karaoke using an app or YouTube. The resting cradle is specifically designed to rest your smart device. 
  • You can also use CDG for your karaoke instrumentals and connect the machine up to a larger screen. 
  • The karaoke machine supports two microphones with the option to control the volume independently. You’ll also get one wired microphone included. 

3. Akai KS213

  • This karaoke system is packed full of features including colourful lighting, a wired microphone and its battery powered so you won’t need a mains connection. 
  • You can get started by connecting your smart device like a laptop, phone or tablet via the AUX input or bluetooth. You can then use the smart device screen for the lyric video and the audio will play using the built-in speaker so you can play karaoke using an app or YouTube. The resting cradle is specifically designed to rest your smart device. 
  • You can also use CDG for your karaoke instrumentals and connect the machine up to a larger screen. 

4. ION Audio Party Rocker Express

  • If you’re looking for the ultimate party karaoke machine, then the ION audio Party Rocker Express will be just up your street. It features a spinning light dome which has multiple colours plus the front grille lights up and has multiple modes.
  • This design has a pretty decent speaker that delivers a good sound that’s perfect for at home parties. You also get a microphone and cable included.
  • To get started, you just need to connect a smart device via bluetooth or AUX input. Then you can use the smart device screen for the lyrics and the audio will play through the speaker. This means you can choose any song from a karaoke app or use YouTube. 

5. BlueFire Wireless Microphone

  • The 3-layer noise reduction technology is great for producing high quality sound output. The aluminium design also offers excellent durability and style.
  • You’ll get an outstanding 8 hour battery life from a single charge with this wireless karaoke microphone that’s perfect for parties.
  • You can have the option of turning the original vocals on or off so you can sing solo or with accompaniment. You’ll also get intelligent LED lights that are synchronised with the music and a voice recording feature.
  • This is one of the cheapest karaoke microphones on the list offering excellent value for money. 
  • Pair the wireless microphone with any smart device using bluetooth or an AUX lead and then use the smart device to control the audio instrumental and lyric video using YouTube or a karaoke app. 

6. EARISE T26 Portable

  • This compact design is perfect for taking to parties and includes a wireless microphone, speaker, bluetooth connection and rechargeable battery. You also get a USB connection to charge your smart device. 
  • Simply pair a smart device via the bluetooth connection, or AUX lead, and use it as your lyric screen and instrumental audio so you can utilise a karaoke app or YouTube to get the party started. 
  • You’ll get an excellent 4.5 hours battery life on a single charge so you can keep the party going for even longer. 
  • It’s a great affordable and portable karaoke machine that also doubles as a speaker so it’s the ultimate edition to any party. 

7. BONAOK Wireless Microphone

  • The BONAOK wireless karaoke microphone is one of the most popular options out there. It’s comfortable and stylish design comes in a range of colours so there’s something for everyone.
  • The Bonaok wireless microphone takes just minutes to set up. Using bluetooth, you simply pair the microphone with any smart device. Or you can use the wire if you’re running low on charge. Once the microphone is connected, you can just open a karaoke app to get started.
  • It has a three-layered filter head design to filter air flow and wind noise producing a clear sound. The lightweight design make of aluminium is durable and stylist.
  • The battery life is excellent and offers singing time of 5-10 hours on a single charge which takes just 2 hours. 
  • The design offers several different modes for you to try. You’ll also get echo and volume controls built-in. 

8. Ankuka Wireless Microphone

  • The Amicool wireless microphone is one of the most affordable karaoke options on this list, but it’s not short on quality. 
  • The portable microphone can be used for 8-10 hours when fully charged and connects via bluetooth to a range of devices including smartphones, smart watches and tablets. 
  • The microphone features three-layer high-density noise reduction for a crisp sound. With the APP you can also experience the effects of KTV karaoke rooms and functions!

Types of Karaoke Machine

Before we start, it’s best to go through each type of karaoke machine. There are three main types: all-in-one, wireless microphones and traditional machines. Here are the main differences between the three. 

Type of Machine





Includes a speaker, microphone, mixer and screen

Includes everything you need

Can be more expensive


An all-in-one microphone that includes a mixer and speaker but needs connecting to a screen

Very portable and inexpensive

Generally lower quality sound

Traditional Karaoke Machine

A traditional mixer which needs a connection to a screen and speakers

Adaptable, it can be connected to a range of devices

Takes slightly longer to set up

How to Choose a Karaoke Machine

Choosing the right karaoke machine is important because they do cost a decent amount. But if you choose a great quality machine that’s suited to your requirements, then it’ll make it a great purchase and excellent value for money! 
So how do you choose the best karaoke machine. You’ll need to think about what features you need it to have, what type of setup you’re after, and the audio source you want to use. We’ll take you through these karaoke buying essentials to consider now. 


The first thing you’ll need to think about when choosing the best karaoke machine for you, is the purpose of it. How often will you be using it? Is it for home or professional use? Does it need to be portable? These are the types of questions you need to think about when deciding which karaoke machine to buy.
Also have a think about who will be using the karaoke machine. Is it for adults at a karaoke party, or for the kids to have a play about on? Or is it for professional use in a club, bar or special event? 
If you’re hosting a karaoke party, look for a durable design that is more resistant to getting knocked over if it gets a bit rowdy. 
Also consider the weight and portability of your karaoke machine. If your machine is only staying in one room, then this isn’t too much of an issue. But if it’s a professional setup that needs transporting to different venues, or you just want to take it with you for personal use, you’ll need something compact and light.


Your budget will also come into play too. There are some great budget karaoke machine options but the features will be limited. If you want a really high quality sound system, that is packed with extra features like vocal enhancement, then you’ll need to pay more for it. Think about what features you really need and then go from there. 

Consider Your Ideal Setup

Now you’ve figured out exactly what your karaoke machine will be used for and how much you want to spend, you can start to narrow down the options a bit more. Have a think about what karaoke setup you want. Do you want an all-in-one system that you can just plug in to the wall and get started? Or have you got a TV and speakers that you want it to connect to. 
For karaoke to work properly, you’ll need the following things.
  • Screen for the lyric video 
  • Audio instrumental 
  • Microphones 
  • A karaoke machine to connect it together
If you want to use your tablet, smart TV or other device as the screen, you’ll need a karaoke machine that’s compatible.
Think about how you want it all to connect together as well. Do you want a completely wireless setup using bluetooth of WiFi, or are you happy with a wired karaoke setup? If you’re on a budget, the wired option might be more suitable. On the other hand, the wireless setup is definitely easier and gives you more freedom to move about without worrying about tripping up on any wires! 
Consider the whole package when purchasing a karaoke machine to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Instrumental Source

Next, think about the audio source you’re planning on using. By this, we mean the method by which you’re planning to hear the instrumental soundtrack to sing along to. You can go for good old-fashioned karaoke CDs or CD-Gs, or use software instead, like YouTube or karaoke subscription apps that work on a smart TV, mobile, tablet, laptop etc. 
You’ll need to decide which option you want to go for and make sure your karaoke machine is compatible. 
Here’s a quick comparison between these methods.


Need for an Extra Screen


Song Variety



One-off fee depending on how many songs you need

Massive- you can create your own CD using Sunfly for a custom option

Karaoke Apps


Monthly subscription

Large- can be limited if you want niche songs




Good if you only want popular songs but can be hard to find videos for niche songs

So that’s it. We hope you’ve found this list of karaoke machines for low budgets useful and feel in a better position to choose the best karaoke machine for you. 
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