About How To Karaoke

Hey, my name’s Heather. I created this website in 2019 to share all-things-karaoke.

A Bit About Me…

Me and my sister were first given a karaoke machine for Christmas in 2006 and the whole family were basically obsessed with it. It came out for every gathering and party, and our friends always loved having a sing on the machine too.

I also remember the horrendously embarrassing moment when I was apparently singing too loud one afternoon on the mic, and my neighbours actually came around to complain. Clearly, they didn’t know what talent sounded like.

But jokes aside, I think karaoke is a great addition to a party and tonnes of fun on a night out, so that’s why this website exists!

What You’ll Find on The Website

The aim is for How to Karaoke, to be the complete resource for information about karaoke. You’ll find set up guides, equipment recommendations, tips and ideas for parties, and also some quizzes thrown in for a bit of fun. I hope you find the website helpful, and have fun singing!