How to Set Up Karaoke on PlayStation (PS4 and PS5)

Turning your PlayStation into a karaoke machine is a great idea for any party. In this article, I’ll take you through some different ways to use your PS4 or PS5 for singing.

The Quick Answer

The easiest way to set up karaoke on a PlayStation is to use a game such as “Let’s Sing” and connect a microphone using the USB port, or use an app to connect your smartphone and use that as the microphone. Alternatively, you can use an app such as YouTube to find karaoke songs.

There are two different ways to do karaoke on a PlayStation 4 or 5:

  1. Use a singing game
  2. DIY method (Connect a microphone and use an app)

Using a game is definitely easier but limits your song selection more, so I’ll take you through the best games and then how to do the DIY method in the second-half of this article.

Singing Games for PlayStation

The easiest way to do karaoke on a PS4 or PS5 is to use a game.

Best Singing Games for PlayStation:

  • We Sing
  • Now That’s What I Call Sing
  • Let’s Sing
  • The Voice
  • SingStar

SingStar was one of the most popular options for karaoke on a PlayStation, however they shut down the online functionality in January 2020, limiting the game to only offline features. You can still purchase the games though, and they are pretty heavily discounted making them a good budget option.

Some of the games come with a compatible microphone included, and others require you to connect to your smartphone and use that as the microphone.

Here’s a quick comparison table between these games.

PlayStation Game Songs Max Mic Connections Microphone Compatibility Latest Version
We Sing 30 8 USB, Smartphone 2016
Now That’s What I Call Sing 30 8 USB, Smartphone 2016
Let’s Sing 30 4 USB, Smartphone 2021
The Voice 30 2 USB 2016
SingStar 30 2 Wireless SingStar, USB, Smartphone 2017
*Latest versions are correct as of September 2021

In my opinion, the Let’s Sing game series is the best. Here is a link to Let’s Sing 2021 on Amazon. It’s for PS4 but PS5 has backwards compatibility for PS4 games.

DIY Method

The second and more complicated way to set up karaoke on a PlayStation is to connect a microphone and use an app instead of a game.

The good thing about this method is that it means you have access to way more songs, as the games described above are pretty limiting in terms of the track selections.

Connect a Microphone

You can connect a microphone to a PlayStation using the USB ports. The PS5 has 4 ports and the PS4 has 2 ports where you can connect a microphone. If you don’t already have one, check out this inexpensive USB microphone on Amazon which you can connect to a PlayStation.

  • Once you’ve plugged the microphone in, go into settings.
  • Then go into devices and then audio devices.
  • Make sure the input device is listed as your microphone.
  • List the output device as your TV or speakers.

This is all pretty simple but there are some who have experienced issues when using a PlayStation for karaoke as they are struggling to hear the music audio, and the microphone audio.

The first thing to do, is check that the output device is listed as your TV or speakers. If it’s still not working, you can try connecting your microphones directly to your TV instead.

Check out this article I’ve written explaining how to connect a microphone to your TV for more information.

Choose an App

The easiest way to get karaoke tracks for free using a PlayStation is to go to YouTube. There are absolutely tonnes of songs available and it’s very quick to access them. The only thing that’s a bit annoying is that you will get ads at the start and end of each song (unless you have YouTube premium).

Popular channels with high-quality karaoke tracks include:

  • Sing King: over 2750 videos
  • KaraFun Karaoke: over 7500 videos
  • CC Karaoke: over 3000 videos
  • EasyKaraoke: over 3500 videos
  • Tracks Planet Karaoke: over 1800 videos

Alternatively, Spotify is a good option to help you avoid the ads, however it’s a bit more complicated to set up. Have a look at my guide to setting up karaoke on Spotify for more information.

In some cases, it’s actually easier to skip the PlayStation all together and just use a TV for karaoke (especially if you’re struggling to connect your microphones to your PlayStation). 

I’ve written an article on the best karaoke apps for TV and at the end, it takes you through how to set everything up as quickly as possible.

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