The Best Karaoke Apps for Smart TV

Setting up karaoke on your smart TV has been made a lot easier due to the development of karaoke apps that can be downloaded directly to your TV so you can get started in minutes. 

First, we’ll run through the best karaoke apps on offer, their features, cost and compatibility. Then we’ll take you through exactly how to setup karaoke using your TV, including all the other equipment you’ll need. So let’s get started.

Best Karaoke Apps for Smart TV

  • Singa
  • Karaoke Anywhere
  • Soulo Karaoke
  • Karaoke Channel 
  • Karafun 
  • The Voice Sing
  • Karaoke 
  • Karaoke Free: Sing and Record Video

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With Singa you’ll get access to over 80,000 songs when you sign up for a small monthly fee.

Alternatively, you can use their free plan or even just sign up for their free trial to get access to all the features for a limited time. 

It’s very easy to setup and you get some cool extra features such as pitch adjustment.

Compatibility: Apple and Android Devices 

Cost: Free or $9.99/ month

Check out Singa here to learn more more.

Karaoke Anywhere

With Karaoke Anywhere you’ll get the opportunity to purchase individual songs from a library of over 40,000 tracks or you can import your existing MP3+G files to play too.

The app is free to download and play selected songs. But you can upgrade to Club Karaoke for $9.99 per month to access the whole library of tracks. 

Compatibility: Apple and Android 

Cost: $9.99


The Smule karaoke app has over 1 million songs available including all the latest hits and karaoke classics. You get great microphone effects, video filters and autotune included.

You also get the option to join a community of music lovers and share your performances, and even connect with Facebook. 

Compatibility: Apple and Android Devices  

Cost: Free or $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year 

The Karaoke Channel

The Karaoke Channel app was made available for Samsung Smart TVs a few years ago and has been specifically designed for larger screens. You’ll get thousands of high quality HD karaoke songs and videos to choose from via internet streaming.

You can get a free trial before purchasing one of the three subscription plans that give you access to the full library. 

Compatibility: Samsung Smart TV

Cost: $59.99 per year 


KaraFun offers some excellent features and is one of the most popular karaoke apps out there. You’ll get access to over 33,000 high quality tracks and videos, plus the option to download songs offline so you can keep partying without internet access.

You can also customise the key and tempo of any songs and add backing or lead vocals in to help you out. You’ll get access to KaraFun by purchasing one of three subscription plans. 

Compatibility: Apple and Android 

Cost: Three subscription plans. The monthly plan is $6.99 per month. 

The Voice Sing

This karaoke app is the official application for the hit TV show, the Voice. You’ll get access to millions of songs and option to sing alone or duet with singers all over the world.

You can sing for free with a decent library or songs, record your performances and have access to some great voice and visual effects. You can upgrade and use a paid subscription to access even more songs. 

Compatibility: Apple and Android 

Cost: Free or Weekly subscription of $1.99 


This Karaoke app has a great free library of songs and some great features included. You can choose from a variety of songs and sing in any language, plus you can record your performances and add voice effects like echo and reverb to enhance your vocals.

You’ll also get the option to share your performance worldwide and connect with your friends. 

Compatibility: Apple and Android 

Cost: Free

Karaoke Free: Sing and Record Video

If you’re looking for a free karaoke app with a great range of songs to choose from, then this is an excellent choice.

You can browse through an endless catalogue and choose from your favourite songs, then record your voice over them and add some special effects like echo and reverb. You can then share your recordings with your friends. 

Compatibility: Apple and Android 

Cost: Free

How to Setup Karaoke on your TV

So now you know the best karaoke apps available, you’re probably wondering how you get it all to work. Some of the karaoke apps work by downloading them directly onto your smart TV, but this depends on your exact model and the app’s compatibility.

Luckily, there are some other ways to play karaoke using your TV and an app, even if you can’t download it directly. Here are some of the options. 

I’ve written some step-by-step guides that you might want to check out too:


With some karaoke apps, you can just download them directly to your TV and get started, but there are still some other pieces of equipment that you’ll need.

You’ll need some microphones, and possibly a speaker, depending on your home theatre system’s setup. Head over to out guide on how to connect a microphone to any device to learn how to hook it up to your TV. 


If your chosen karaoke app is not directly compatible with your TV and can’t be downloaded, then don’t panic! Here are the steps you need to take:

  • First, download the karaoke app on your chosen smart device like a tablet, phone, laptop or PC. 
  • Then connect your chosen smart device to your TV.
  • The best way to connect a smart device like a laptop or phone to a smart TV, is by using wireless mirroring. Make sure your devices are all connected to the same WiFi network, then go into your TV settings and turn on the screen mirroring feature. Go into your device’s settings and turn on the screen mirroring feature as well and then connect the two devices.
  • If you’re using a laptop or PC, the best thing to do, is to wirelessly connect them in the same way as above, by using WiFi, or you can use a HDMI cable.

You’ll need some microphones, and possibly a speaker, depending on your home theatre system’s setup. Head over to out guide on how to connect a microphone to any device to learn how to hook it up to your TV. 


The easiest way to setup karaoke on a TV is to use a karaoke machine. Head over to our guide on how to connect your karaoke machine to any device to learn how to connect your TV and karaoke machine.

If you’re looking to purchase a new karaoke machine, then head over to our list of the 12 best karaoke machines.

So that’s it! Hopefully this guide has helped you find the best karaoke app that’s just right for you, and has given you some info to help you set everything up. Thanks for reading!

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