What is Videoke? Karaoke vs Videoke

Karaoke is super popular around the world, but is it the same as videoke? In this article, I’ll explain exactly what videoke actually is, and how it differs to tradition karaoke performances.

What is Videoke?

Videoke is a popular form of entertainment where a performer sings live to an instrumental backing track using an on-screen lyric video. The performance is recorded and then scored. Videoke is a more competitive version of karaoke that is particularly popular in the Philippines.

What is Karaoke?

Karaoke is a form of entertainment in which a performer sings to a pre-recorded backing track using a screen to display the lyrics. It is popular in bars and clubs, in addition to at home. The word “karaoke” is derived from “kara” which means empty, and “oke” which means orchestra.

Videoke vs Karaoke

Videoke is a more competitive version of karaoke, in which performances are recorded and an overall score is given. Both karaoke and video involve a performer singing along to a backing track using on-screen lyrics, and are popular forms of entertainment in clubs and bars.

The definitions of karaoke and video can be a little bit varied depending on who you ask but it is generally accepted that these are the differences between the two forms of entertainment:

  • Videoke involves a video element, usually meaning that the performance is recorded.
  • Videoke gives a score of the performance, allowing it to be used more competitively.

However, some are of the opinion that karaoke and videoke are actually the same thing.

What Do You Need?

So what do you need for videoke and karaoke? Here’s a list.

  • Microphones (ideally at least two for duets)
  • An instrumental backing-track to sing along to
  • A screen to display the lyric video
  • Speakers
  • A mixer is also used for professional karaoke to combine inputs from the microphone and backing-track

Usually, a karaoke machine is used to combined some, or all of these components. If you’re looking to add a competitive edge to your parties, check out these Top 7 Karaoke Machines that Record Your Singing.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some more questions you might be wondering about videoke.

Where is Videoke most popular?

Videoke is very popular in the Philippines. This form of entertainment where performers sing to backing tracks and are scored on their performances is widely used in the Philippines to add a competitive aspect to traditional karaoke.

Is karaoke Japanese or Filipino?

Karaoke first originated in Japan where inventor Daisuke Inoue built the first karaoke machine, the Juke-8, however it was never patented. Filipino inventor Robert del Rosario patented the first karaoke machine in 1975 which is why some believe that karaoke was invented in the Philippines.

What is the point in karaoke and videoke?

Karaoke and videoke are used as forms of entertainment in bars, clubs and in homes. It can be used purely for fun, by performing yourself, or watching others sing, or competitively. The Karaoke World Championships originated in Finland in 2003 and now involves over 30 countries.

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