The 9 Types of Karaoke Singer

So we’ve all met some classic characters in karaoke bars. Here are the 9 types of karaoke singers that everyone has met. Which one are you? Keep reading to find out!

9 Types of Karaoke Singer

  1. The Pro
  2. The Delusionist
  3. The Basic One
  4. The Dancing Queen
  5. The Intense One 
  6. The Entertainer
  7. The Drunk 
  8. The Rap God
  9. The Boring One
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The Pro

Everyone knows this kind of singer in the karaoke bar. They’re probably here every week, first to go up to the KJ and request an impossible song that not a single other person in the club would even dream about attempting. The truth is, that this type of singer, is way to good for karaoke. You’ll not be the first person to have told them that they should be on the X Factor, and you definitely won’t be the last. When you’re watching the pro performing, you’ll be thinking one of two things, you’ll be in awe of their brilliance, or just find them irritating. Karaoke is for amateurs right? Let’s be honest, you’re probably just jealous of this one. 

Their go to karaoke song is… 

My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion or Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen 

The Delusionist

The delusional is everything that the pro stands against. They’ll go up to the DJ, always on their own. They’ll smugly request the hardest song ever sung and walk away with all that swag. Then, when their name is called, they will slowly by confidently walk up to the stage, take the microphone from the KJ and stand in the centre of the stage. The intro will kick in, you’ll see them confidently tapping their foot, microphone in one hand (these pros don’t use the mic stands). They’ll start opening their mouth and you’re expecting to hear the next Elvis. But you won’t. You’ll hear a sound so terrible, that it’s rivalled only by fingernails being dragged across a chalkboard. 

Their go to karaoke song is…

I Believe in a Thing Called Love by the Darkness or Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush

The Basic One

The basic one isn’t the best singer in the world, nor are they the worst, but their song choices definitely are. You know the kind of songs that come up on the lyric screen, and everyone just rolls their eyes? Well, the basic one is singing them every time. You know the ones, Don’t Stop Believing, Angels, Billie Jean, and co. It’s probably time to nip to the bathroom when this lot gets on the mic. Don’t worry, you won’t miss much. You’ll probably hear the same song starting again when you’re washing your hands. 

Their favourite karaoke song is…

Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond or I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston 

The Dancing Queen

Everyone loves a good dance right? We’ll this type of karaoke singer definitely does. Again, they’re not the best singer in the world, and they probably aren’t the worst either. They’re pretty fun to watch actually, at least the ones who dance ironically. But there are some divas out there pulling out the choreographs from the music videos, and they aren’t doing it for a laugh. Sometimes it’s not so bad, but others, you’re probably going to be watching them through your hands. What they lack in singing talent, they certainly make up for in confidence. 

Their favourite karaoke song is…

Single Ladies by Beyonce or Thriller by Michael Jackson

The Intense One

This type of karaoke singer is a little different. They aren’t half-bad at singing usually. You’ll spot the intense one pretty easily. They usually pick a painfully slow and depressing song which drags the vibe down under. You’ll also see them singing with their eyes closed, or at least with a pained expression on their face.  Most people go to a karaoke bar for a bit of a laugh, a fun night out. To be honest, we’re not really sure why the intense one has showed up. Someone should probably check on them.

Their favourite karaoke song is…

Mad World by Tears for Fears or Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

The Entertainer

This is everyone’s favourite type of karaoke singer. They are all what karaoke is about. The entertainer is likely to pick a pretty popular and upbeat song, but not too mainstream like the basic one. They’ll confidently bop up to the stage, and start performing. And this is the difference between the entertainer and the other types of karaoke singer. They’re not just singing, they’re performing. They’re experts are getting the crowd up off their feet, dancing and singing along. The entertainer isn’t an amazing singer, but they have the stage presence that more than makes up for it. 

Their favourite karaoke song is…

Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley or Valerie by Amy Winehouse 

The Drunk

Most karaoke events happen at bars and clubs, so it’s not uncommon or frowned upon for the singers to have had a few drinks for some dutch-courage before jumping on stage and having a sing and a dance. But this type of karaoke singer should have gone home about 3 hours ago. They’re singing is reminiscent of the delusionist, and they’ve definitely go a sway on. You’ll probably see them take their pint on the stage too, before the KJ has a go at them for it. It’s hard to watch, but we’ll admit it is pretty funny.

Their favourite karaoke song is…

500 Miles by the Proclaimers or Wannabe by the Spice Girls 

The Rap God

The rap god is definitely a wannabe Eminem. The rap god comes in a few different forms. Sometimes they’re having a laugh and not taking it to seriously (the preferred form). Other times they blow you away with their skills. But most times, it’s a cringe fest, because like the delusionist they think they’re amazing, but no one else is hearing it. They’ll hold the microphone like they’re 50 cent and be moving around the stage trying to hype people up but everyone will just be slowly sipping their drinks and counting down the seconds until the next singer. 

Their favourite karaoke song is…

Lose Yourself by Eminem or Gold Digger by Kanye West 

The Boring One

The Boring One never goes up to do a karaoke song on their own. They get dragged up by all their mates, who’ve probably had one too many. They’re way to sober for this, and you can see it all over their face. They really don’t want to be up on stage, and they’re eyeing up all the potential exits. Sometimes you’ll get them singing the chorus, if you’re lucky. But most of the time, they’re stood their looking miserable thinking that they’re too cool for karaoke. 

Their Favourite Karaoke Song is…

They don’t have one!


So there you go! Those are the 9 different types of karaoke singer. Thanks for reading. 

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